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Guava-Bacon Crunch Bites


* Athens Fillo Dough, prep as directed on box
* 1 medium guava
* 1 pkg of bacon, cooked, cut into small bits
* 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
* 3 packets sugar substitute or 6 tsp sugar
* butter

Prep. Cut open one guava and toss outer layer. Cut guava into chucks and place in hot pan. Add 3 packets of sugar substitute. Mash guava while it starts to cook down. Set aside while you work on your fillo dough.

Mix guava, walnuts, and bacon together. Set aside.

Grab your fillo dough you have already prepped. Cut the dough into even squares. I found it easier to use a pizza cutter. Now get you delicious mixture and place about a tablespoon of the mixture into the center of each square. Fold up the edges to meet at top and twist to close as a cup. This will seal itself.

Place each cup (or ‘bite’) onto a buttered baking sheet and place in the oven at 325 degrees until browned.

Let cool and enjoy! You can even make a dipping sauce: simply mix raspberry preserves and melted butter.


* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use any flavor of bacon, different type of pastry, or a different fruit.

* I did notice that they pretty much required of dipping sauce because they were a little dry. This may improve by simply using 2 guavas instead of just one.

* I also noticed that the bacon was a little tough compared to the other textures in the ingredients. I think if you add your cooked bacon bits to the guava as you cook it down, it may soften the bacon back up.

* Oh, and one more thing. Fillo dough is not my friend.

* This was my first attempt at this recipe and I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it.


EU Wants to Restrict Amount of Water in Their Rashers

So, the European Union is proposing to limit the amount of water allowed to be added to their bacon. The limit they are proposing is 5%.

I really like the idea but you have to think of what the cost would be with this limit. Adding water does bring down price (yet ‘waters down the flavor”), as mentioned in the article linked below.

Would the increase price be worth it? What is the reasoning to passing the law? Are there not some brands that already advertise “less water added” compared to other brands? What about just going to the butcher to get the bacon with less water and leave the prepackaged supermarket bacon alone for those who don’t care. Some people may not find the change worth the price increase. At the same time, doesn’t everyone deserve to have quality bacon?

Check out the article I found that discusses the topic: Water in Bacon: New Rasher Regulations


Reviewing Bacon Apps

So, of course I have searched for bacon apps on my iPhone. There were some I found quickly and have continued using from time to time. Today I decided to just scroll through ANY bacon applications I could find and see if they were worth downloading (or even paying for). Honestly, the description and preview pictures have to be pretty awesome to make me buy ANY app – even if it’s only $0.99. I finally came up with some reviews. Check them out:


“Shakin’ Bacon Facts” (free*):
I LOVE this one. You simply shake your phone and you get a cool bacon fact. You even have the option of marking your favorites for easy access to show others later.

“Baconnection” (free*):
This app tricked me at first. I hated it because the game you can play on it is a little annoying. You answer questions that have the answers written in the multiple choices. The goal just seems like it’s to get badges. I will pass, thanks. Though, the other features, “recipes” and “bacon bits”, are awesome. The recipes sound amazing, they are easy to read, and fairly simple to make. The ‘bacon bits’ is actually a quiz of bacon facts. It does include some silly ones about things with bacon in the name, but I liked it. Unfortunately, I only got 1/2 the questions right… I’ll try again later.


“Bacon Finder” (free*):
This app says it allows to to search for “bacon-serving restaurants near you”. It also says it allows you to add locations. I had issue with this app because I could not get it to show me a single restaurant anywhere in my area that was “bacon-serving”. I don’t know if this is because they meant for the users of the app to build a list of the restaurants OR I just wasn’t doing something right. I love the idea though. I have it downloaded and plan on checking back in with it later. Maybe it will improve if users start adding restaurants. Downfall is, I don’t think it will catch on.

“Tic Tac Bacon” (free*):
This app can be enjoyed as the simple game it is. It’s just tic-tac-toe with bacon and eggs. It would fun if it was an app for various simple games using bacon.

“A Geek’s Guide to Bacon Cookery” ($0.99* or free* for the ‘lite’):
Pretty simple. Recipes. It looked like a good app. The recipes were easy to follow and had multiple pictures within the recipes. The recipes were categorized in ‘starters’, ‘meals’, and ‘desserts’. The downfall is there was only one recipe under each category. Is this because I downloaded the ‘lite’?

“Pig Rockets” ($1.99*):
This app is a game where you defend your home from ‘Pig Rockets’. You upgrade during the game with bacon. Like I said above, I hate to spend money on apps without knowing it’s awesome. The preview pics have me wondering a little. But from what I have read, I like the idea of the game.


“Instant Bacon” ($0.99*) and “iBacon” ($0.99):
Both apps allow you to cook bacon. I find this incredible stupid and a waste of a download. Go make some real bacon. The real stuff is much better.

“Bacon” (free*):
It’s just pictures. And not even many of them. Not even good ones.

“Bacon Farts” ($0.99* or free* for the ‘lite’):
I downloaded the ‘lite’ version. Let me just say that I am a girl that always enjoys a good-humored fart joke, but this app is still stupid. It’s pretty much the fart app with different bacon-related names to each type of fart. Eh.

“Dancing Bacon Man” ($0.99*):
It’s a piece of poorly created bacon in a suit, dancing. “Dance moves include: Cabbage Patch, Clap Spin, Egyptian Walk, Finger Pointer, Hip Thrust, Skipping, and many more.” It’s ridiculous. And not even moderately entertaining.

“Analog Bacon Clock” ($0.99*):
It’s just a clock. You have the options for the foundation of the clock – pan with no grease, pan with grease, or dish. A cooked egg is the center of the clock and pieces of bacon are the hands of the clock. Not worth a penny. Don’t buy it. If you do, please tell me there is much more offered that they don’t tell you on the description. I’d hate to think someone actually thinks this is worth the time of downloading… get it? Ha.

“Makin’ Bacon” ($0.99*):
A game where you fling chickens and pigs into the air and slice them several times until they turn into eggs and bacon. I enjoy bacon, but I don’t enjoy the thought of the process. This game is disturbing even without graphic pictures. I may sound ridiculous, but that’s my opinion and I simply don’t see the fun in it. Just not for me.

“Save the Bacon” (free*):
You basically have to reach the top of the platform, avoiding dangers on the way. I tried playing this game and it just wasn’t entertaining in the slightest.

“Swine Attack” ($0.99*):
Attack swarms of pigs and turn them into bacon. Just another game that just isn’t for me. I was intrigued at the idea of them having a “vegetarian mode” for the game. If anyone downloads it and tries it on this mode, let me know what it’s like.

Well, in the end, there really are not many bacon-related apps out there with interest from me. I really think my interest for a bacon-related apps fall with bacon knowledge/facts/history, quizzes, and recipes. Anything that can expand my knowledge of bacon.

* Note: The prices I have listed are based on what I found on 7/09/11. Prices change from time to time, so check on the current price before downloading.