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Bacon Wrapped Stuffing, By: Jimmy

I often have people send me messages and pictures about their bacon encounters and experiences. I wanted to be able to share them with you because I will be honest – I wish I came up with these ideas! I’m going to start off this category with bacon snack my brother, Jimmy sent me via text the other day.

By: Jimmy

“Make Stove-top , let it cool. Roll in a ballin the palms of your hand (about an inch wide or so).

Wrap tightly, a whole strip of bacon, twisting as you roll to keep the stuffing in.

Hold together with a toothpick and put them back in the ‘fridge to firm up.

I pan fried them but next time I will be using the charcoal grill.

I pulled the tooth picks out half way through cooking after the bacon set and held by itself, so I could cook all sides evenly.”

Notes by Elle: I really like the idea of this recipe. It’s absolute comfort food! The stuffing inside will definately absorb the bacon flavor as it cooks. And you can adjust the recipe to your tastes. Choose your favorite stuffing and whatever type of bacon you want. I think I would like to try the chicken flavored stuffing with hickory smoked bacon or the pork stuffing with maple bacon.