EU Wants to Restrict Amount of Water in Their Rashers

So, the European Union is proposing to limit the amount of water allowed to be added to their bacon. The limit they are proposing is 5%.

I really like the idea but you have to think of what the cost would be with this limit. Adding water does bring down price (yet ‘waters down the flavor”), as mentioned in the article linked below.

Would the increase price be worth it? What is the reasoning to passing the law? Are there not some brands that already advertise “less water added” compared to other brands? What about just going to the butcher to get the bacon with less water and leave the prepackaged supermarket bacon alone for those who don’t care. Some people may not find the change worth the price increase. At the same time, doesn’t everyone deserve to have quality bacon?

Check out the article I found that discusses the topic: Water in Bacon: New Rasher Regulations


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