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Review: Taco Bell Breakfast.. with Bacon!

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Breakfast at Taco Bell? How could we not????

My husband and I were excited when we found out the Taco Bell by our home now served breakfast. Not excited because we thought it would be the best breakfast ever, but because this meant Review Time.

We actually had to go twice to get an accurate review for them. The first time we went, we forgot the breakfast grilled taco and the service was terrible. The waffle taco was cold and they didn’t give us any syrup. And they put about a tablespoon of filling into our breakfast burrito. Thanks.

So, with any fast food service, a second visit is sometimes needed. It didn’t cost much, it wasn’t far from us, and we didn’t get food poisoning the first time. So why not?

We did go to a different location the second time around. Much nicer service and the food prep was WAY better. We made sure to get one of everything that came with bacon. This included the following:


Review: It was pretty good. The waffle was a little crunchy. Kind of like tossing an Eggo waffle in toaster just long enough for a slight crisp but the inside is still soggy. The dough for the waffle was a little sweet on it’s own. The scrambled eggs were fine, the chopped bacon was pretty impressive and fresh, small amount of shredded cheese. It came with a syrup packet that really made it edible. Just pour the syrup on, shove it in your mouth and don’t think about it.





Review: It was just a soft taco with the same ingredients of the waffle taco but no syrup. Slightly grilled but not recently. I do have to thank them for putting all the chopped bacon in the very center and not spreading it out. I don’t know what I would have done if I had to go looking for it.





Review: The second time ordering the burrito was much better. It’s about the size of one of their bean burritos. It did taste as if it was made that morning – a plus. There was plenty of bacon throughout the entire burrito. But it tasted pretty plain and felt dry. It was the same three ingredient: scrambled egg, shredded cheese and chopped bacon. I had to pour my sauces into it just to though. I’ll be honest, I was wishing I had McDonald’s Sausage Breakfast Burritos half way through.




Review: I saved this one for last because it was my favorite. This is the one I would actually go back and order again. It was perfectly grilled when we got it. Inside it has much more to offer than the other menu items. You get a hash brown patty, nacho cheese sauce, lots of chopped bacon, and scrambled eggs and all grilled up as a Crunchwrap! I have to say – THIS is what I expected for a Taco Bell breakfast. The Chrunchwrap saved the day and is the only reason I will be going back for their breakfast again.





Overall, I would recommend you still give it a try. Try the whole menu. My first experience was terrible, but the second was better. In the end, there’s only one menu item I am going back for – the A.M. Crunchwrap with Bacon. You do have to keep in mind though, Taco Bell is a fast food chain. This isn’t a restaurant with high standards. You get what you get and you’re not paying much. It’s fast food, drive-thru breakfast.

– Elle.

Giving Turkey Bacon Another Chance

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My husband Ric has started a new diet. It’s called the m7 diet. He’s doing quite well on it and has already lost a significant amount of weight. I am also trying to follow the diet but allow leniency on the strict choices for myself. The diet:

1. Fruit
2. Vegetables
3. Poultry
4. Seafood
5. Eggs
6. Nuts
7. Beans

Because pork and beef are not on the list of choices, we have decided to go back and try turkey bacon again. I know, I know. I have complained and made fun of turkey bacon on many occasions. But really, turkey bacon and even soy bacon are pretty delicious. As long as you get the right brand. When it comes to soy, I recommend Morning Star. And for turkey, I recommend Jennie-O.


The last couple days we have been eating scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and stove top cooked Jennie-O turkey bacon. I’ll admit, it was very yummy. I have turned my diet around for the last couple weeks. I’m pretty sure my body is craving things that are good for me now. Don’t worry though, like I said, I am not as strict with my diet as my husband. I will still be eating pork bacon. And you better believe I will be going all out for Bacon Day that’s coming up on August 31st!

So stay in touch for turkey bacon updates….

– Elle.

Marriage and Bacon

For those who don’t know yet, Ric asked me to marry him on his birthday (April 28th)!!!!!! I, of course, said “I guess” with my smart-ass smirk. You can read Ric’s story about it on his site: “ENGAGE! 3 to the 0“. What he does not mention is that earlier in the day, I was stung by a bee in the knuckle of my middle finger of my left hand. The poor guy was so worried about the swelling to the rest of my hand. The ring was going to be too small anyway, so pictures were taken with the ring on my pinky finger by our friend Charlie. Ric has already made me the happiest girl in existance but somehow he made it even better.

"Power of Engagement!" (Picture by Charlie!)

Now how do I relate this to bacon for the blog? Easy! First I would like to brag that my (now) fiancé grilled me bacon-wrapped hot dogs and ribs grilled on top of bacon before the big moment. The man literally greased up my heart before popping the question.

And the question people have asked me already – how are you going to include bacon in your wedding?

Well, someone could choose to include bacon in the food or even theme itself. But you have to be careful not to be super weird about it.

I found where someone simply had a bacon-themed engagement party to celebrate. It’s a really cute idea and it’s not too much that it’s overwhelming. Check it out: “Bacon-Themed Engagement Party“.

I wouldn’t want to do anything more than something bacon-themed BEFORE the wedding or maybe having a bacon dish at the wedding. I’m really more stoked about what I want to do for the theme. But it’s mostly secrets right now.

I’ll end the post now with a wonderful bacon engagement clip from Republic of Bacon. Enjoy!

– Elle.