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Product Review: Hormel’s Always Tender Oven Ready Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

Hormel has a wide variety of selections to choose from to include bacon in your creation for any meal. Ric and I recently discovered Hormel’s Always Tender Oven Ready Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops. First, they were on sale. Then, they were buy-one-get-one. Third, they were already wrapped in bacon. OH! And it’s already precooked, marinating in it’s own juices in sealed package, ready to be reaheated in it’s own container.

Some people can be deterred by purchasing pre-cokked meals. I can understand this. I have bought some before that have turned out to be dried out or just plain disgusting after reheating. But these pork chops were delicious! They were super juicy and the bacon crisps right up! Ric even sauteed some onions to add on top. I definately approve of this quick and easy meal!

– Elle.

7 Eleven’s Bacon & Cheese Potato Stix

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Aw, those wonderful 7-Eleven taquitos, hotdogs and stix. They are the worst thing possible if you get one that has literally been rotating all day under that heat lamp. But if you get one when it’s just finished heating up to perfection, then YUM!

Ric and I dragged ourselves into 7-Eleven a few mornings ago. With our refill cups in hand, we were looking for a quick and cheap pick-me-up for the morning. As we filled our cups with the liquid energy our bodies craved, we saw the sign that brightned our un-energetic morning. “Add a Bacon & Cheese Potato Stix – $1”. Of course!

The breakfast-in-a-stick was very yummy. You could taste the bacon, but there wasn’t much. It was mostly potato. And I really doubt there was any cheese. But, for $1 and adding a banana at check out, it turned out to be a pretty filling breakfast.

– Elle.

Geek Pride Day with Bacon

Geek Pride Day. May 25th. It’s in celebration of first Star Wars film release – “A New Hope”, in 1977. This year was the 35th Anniversary. It’s also “Towel Day” for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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Ric and I were invited out by some geeky friends (Melissa and Tom) to Oblivion Taproom on Geek Pride Day, to celebrate the Star Wars 35th Anniversary Celebration. It was amazing! They had a drink selection and food menu all dedicated to the celebration of Star Wars. My order consisted of Light Side Beer Flight, Chewbaccon Burger with Old Bay Potato Wedges, and a Leia Cake.

Everything tasted amazing!! The Chewbaccon Burger is descibed as “house beef patty blended with ground bacon, pan-fried in bacon fat & topped with house bacon…”. This burger was delicious! Ric made a good point though – “…the bacon grounded up in a burger is always masked by the burger meat”. This doesn’t mean it’s not going to add some flavor, but it’s a good point. That’s why it worked so well with how it was pan-fried in bacon fat. It made up for what you were lacking. The burger itself was juicy and there was just enough of the bacon fat on the bun. The burger was served with just bacon, lettuce and tomato on it. And that’s all it needed. That’s how you know it was a good burger. When you don’t need ketchup, mayo, and mustard to add flavor, then you know you’re in the flavor business.

I had a fantastic time celebrating Geek Pride Day with great people, in a wonderfully nerdy environment.

– Elle.