Monthly Archives: August 2011

Bacon Aprons Can Be Hot

I was searching for an awesome bacon apron online and was surprised to find something I never expected. It was an incredible vintage style apron with a girlish bacon flare. I fell in love at first sight.

You can find the apron on Etsy, made by dotsdiner. It’s already been sold but I am thinking of asking about getting one made.

You can find them on Facebook: DotsDiner or their Etsy store at Etsy: dotsdiner.

Fabric used on the apron was from Spoonflower. Click on the link to see all the bacon fabrics they have. I was amazed at the selection!


Awesome Gifts From Awesome People

My very cool brother Jimmy, his lovely wife Robin, and the two cutest nieces ever (Cameron and Morgan) gave me some pretty cool gifts last week before we left town. They really know what to get a person and know me so well!

The gifts included a crazy cat lady action figure, bacon lip balm, bacon soap, and a Mr Bacon jumbo magnet. I love the gifts and will never part with them!

The crazy cat lady figure just encourages me more to work on a crazy cat lady costume for Halloween. The lip balm is awesome but tastes like bacon grease wiped on an old man. The bacon soap smells like smoked bacon and I refuse to ever use it because I want to keep it forever! And Mr Bacon magnet will be the center of Bacon Day this year and will always have a place in the center of any ‘fridge I ever have.


Bacon at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is almost here. It starts August 4th and runs until the 14th.

The fair has a few new items added to their vendors’ menus. The list includes: Deep fried bacon wrapped hot dog on-a-stick, Bacon Sundae, country fried bacon on a stick with country gravy, Hog Wild Sandwich (pork tenderloin with BBQ pork and bacon), bacon wrapped hot dog, and Mac burger (burger with bacon, cheese and deep fried mac & cheese).

I find it pretty cool that they have so many bacon-related food choices! If you are in the area, check out the fair: The Wisconsin State Fair.

P.S. MC Hammer on Main Stage on opening night! Don’t laugh, but if I was close by, I would HAVE to check this out!