Monthly Archives: August 2012

Jake Sings Bacon Pancake Song

Jake the Dog from Adventure Time sings an awesome song about making bacon pancakes. It will drill into your brain…. enjoy!

Oh, and thank you to That’s Nerdalicious! for putting up the post about it! You guys are the best when it comes to the perfect combination of nerd, bacon freak, and just anything awesome and fun.

– Elle.

Bacon Crossword

My sister-in-law tagged me in this clipart on Facebook. Love it!

– Elle.

Meat Wizard Sings About Bacon

Borderline annoying but you can’t look away. Just hit play. 🙂

Thank you, Weebls Stuff. Honestly, you do have some fun stuff!

But Reader, do you have issues and feel as if you need to hear this song in a loop for 10 minutes? Maybe you’re simply obsessed and want to learn the songs and it just takes too much effort to hit re-play over and over? Try this on from 10 Minute Loops:

– Elle.