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Facts and fiction about bacon. Sometimes true facts, sometimes just plain entertainment.

Bacon Love on SomeEcards!

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Everyone knows SomeEcards. They have those wonderful memes you can make your own captions to. I decided to go through all bacon-related options and pick what I believe to be the best ones. I broke them up into categories, check them out:

Elle’s Favorites:

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Elle’s Holiday Favorites:

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Elle’s Birthday Favorites:

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Other Good Ones:

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– Elle.


Oh, Those Yummy Bacon Drippings….

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So you’ve made a nice stock pile of bacon? Got a lot of bacon drippings left? What will you do with it all? How do you store it? Where to store it? I’ll help you with that. Or better yet, others will but I gathered the info in one convenient spot for you. You can always have some real bacon seasoning around. Forget the fake “hickory” flavored stuff. Enjoy!

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Facts About Bacon Drippings:

* “It’s a myth that Bacon Drippings are the worst fat you can eat. Bacon Drippings, in fact, have 42% less saturated fat than does butter.” (

* ” Bacon Fat is lower in saturated fat (by about 42%) than butter, and higher in the good monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Like all fats (including oils), it needs to be used in moderation.” (

* “Per 1 tablespoon: 3 Weight Watchers PointsPlus®” (

* “Bacon drippings are high in fat but low in sodium.” (

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Proper Ways of Filtering and Preparing Your Bacon Drippings for Storage:

* Choose a jar with a mouth wide enough that you can easily get a spoon into, to take out a bit at a time. The jar should have a tight-fitting lid. Pour the liquified Bacon Drippings into the jar through a strainer (or skip the strainer, if you don’t care about the crispy bits getting in). Keep the glass jar refrigerated. Or, you can freeze it if you like in a plastic container, if you don’t use it all that often.



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Containers for Bacon Drippings:

* I found a pretty cool storage container for drippings that actually says its filters for you. I haven’t tried it myself, but I should love to.

FilterChef. (Click the picture to go to their website.)

FilterChef. (Click the picture to go to their website.)

* had an awesome idea of placing your drippings into an ice cube tray and then freezing!


– Elle.

The Simpsons’ Bacon Love

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I do love The Simpsons. Maybe not the last couple seasons as much as the ones before, but it’s a lifetime love I just can’t give up on. I grew up on them and have always had them around. And there have been some great mentions and displays of bacon the show. But I will never understand how Homer twirls his bacon on his fork. No, seriously. Watch closer next time. I prefer mine crispy.

Some other websites have collected bacon quotes already, which I will share. I gathered as much bacon-related Simpsons material as I could find so you could enjoy it here in one spot.

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My Favorite Bacon Moment on the Simpsons:

The Golden Ticket, a trip to “Farmer Billy’s Bacon Factory”. Yeah it’s not the only animated series to do a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Futurama did one for the Slurm Factory. Family Guy did one for the Pawtucket Brewery. But I get a kick out of these references and love how they went with a bacon factory for Homer.


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Bacon References From the Simpsons:

* All Things Bacon on the Simpsons, by: Wikisimpsons

* Top 10 Bacon Quotes from Homer Simpson, by: Royal Bacon Society

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Video Clips of Bacon Love on the Simpsons:

Homer’s Magical Animal:

Rich Creamery Butter:

Bart and Homer Eating:

Burger King Commercial:

Non-Delicious Fat:

Makin’ Bacon on the Beach (Shakey Clip, Let Me Know if You Have a Better One):

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Home Simpson Bacon Pictures:

Thank You, Bacon Wrapped Media for making These Up! Check out the website for more pictures.

Here are my favorites:






– Elle.