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Giving Turkey Bacon Another Chance

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My husband Ric has started a new diet. It’s called the m7 diet. He’s doing quite well on it and has already lost a significant amount of weight. I am also trying to follow the diet but allow leniency on the strict choices for myself. The diet:

1. Fruit
2. Vegetables
3. Poultry
4. Seafood
5. Eggs
6. Nuts
7. Beans

Because pork and beef are not on the list of choices, we have decided to go back and try turkey bacon again. I know, I know. I have complained and made fun of turkey bacon on many occasions. But really, turkey bacon and even soy bacon are pretty delicious. As long as you get the right brand. When it comes to soy, I recommend Morning Star. And for turkey, I recommend Jennie-O.


The last couple days we have been eating scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and stove top cooked Jennie-O turkey bacon. I’ll admit, it was very yummy. I have turned my diet around for the last couple weeks. I’m pretty sure my body is craving things that are good for me now. Don’t worry though, like I said, I am not as strict with my diet as my husband. I will still be eating pork bacon. And you better believe I will be going all out for Bacon Day that’s coming up on August 31st!

So stay in touch for turkey bacon updates….

– Elle.

Yummy Bacon-Lovin’ Food Trucks

I’ll be honest. I’m doing this write-up on bacon food trucks with a little disappointment and anger. Not because of the menues and especially nothing with the indiviuals themselves. But simply because I don’t have awesome food trucks like one of these near me! Simple jealousy. I was reading the menues of each of these food trucks, and they sound so delicious! I have not tried their food, but I do want to promote them by briefly telling what I have reviewed about each:

* Bacon Mania Truck: Orange County, California
They have sandwiches, soup, chili and sides. If you can’t choose between their chili and mac n cheese, there’s a way to combine them! They have BLTs to Bacon Ball Trio. And the thought of a BLT soup makes me giddy!
Check out the menu: MENU.

* Bacon Bacon: San Francisco, California
This truck has the simple pleasure of chocolate covered bacon to a Bacon Bouquet to The Grilled Cheese. They also have an option to add bacon jam to any sandwich!
Check out the menu: MENU.

* Lardon: Southern California
This truck has some fun bacon-infused ingredients they use in the food – such as bacon maple syrup and bacon hot sauce. You can find bacon pancakes to “The Lardon”. What’s “The Lardon”? Oh, it sounds fantastic.
Check out the menu: MENU.

* The Bacon Wagon: Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas
The menu looks small on the website. But on Facebook, they list they also have soups, chili and other treats. What I read sounds pretty darn good! I think I could melt away after eating a Westside.

Check out the menu: MENU.

– Elle.

Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Rolls

**NOTE: This is a REALLY simple recipe. I’m actually a little concerned I that I shouldn’t even put it under ‘my recipes‘ but it was fun and tasted delicious!

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* 1-15 ct box Totino’s Pizza Rolls (we used combination)
* 1 pkg bacon (we used Oscar Mayer Center Cut, Original)

Preheat your oven to 425. Set up and cooking rack inside of a baking pan. (I have a special lasagna pan that has been destroyed on the inside so I use it for bacon specifically.)

Simple lay out one slice of bacon on a plate. Place the pizza roll down on one end, and roll the pizza roll and bacon slice together – wrapping the full slice of bacon around the pizza roll.

When done wrapping each pizza roll, place on the cooking rack. If you are a neat freak like me, make sure to either place with the end piece up (so it will bake flat) or place down (make sure to place where the end piece is held close the pizza roll).

Place in oven to bake. Directions say for 10 minutes total. But we have bacon wrapped around these suckers. So only bake for 5 minutes, then take out, flip, and bake for the remaining 5 minutes. You may have to adjust time based on how your oven cooks and also how crispy you want to bacon.

* Remember that if you leave them in too long, you chance drying out the pizza filling in your pizza rolls.

Let cool before eating. You can use blue cheese or ranch for dipping. If you don’t want to get the sweats too much, have some baby carrots on the side.


* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use any flavor of bacon, different type of pizza roll, or add a BBQ and or honey glaze while cooking.

* This was my first attempt at this recipe and I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it.