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New Year’s Resolutions For Bacon

I’ll be honest. I suck at keeping any New Year’s resolutions. It usually involves weight loss or just being a better person. Usually doesn’t work out…. I pretty much stay neutral. So, I was thinking it might actually be easier to make resolutions surrounding bacon and my blog. I am constantly trying to find ways to improve the blog and want to accomplish more. Here are a few I want to try:

1. Improve the layout of the blog. It looks a little drab. It def needs some spunk.

2. Create an awesome logo. I did make a little photo with the name of the blog but it’s not want I have envisioned from the beginning.

3. Create a new recipe to post – an average of one recipe a month. Yeah, I know the bar is set low, but this will allow me to exceed my goal.

4. Make 2012’s International Bacon Day EPIC! I want it to be more like a pot luck so I can display friends’ bacon creations.

5. I want to get weird and make sculptures out of bacon and other meats. I don’t want to mention any ideas yet, but it will be NERD-tastic!

6. Start making some bacon crafts. I’m still thinking of ideas and trying to decide which direction to go.

– Elle.

Learn the Fine Art of Makin’ Bacon: Bacon Classes

I was amazed to find as many cooking classes as I did – all focusing on bacon. The downfall is that none are in my area. {sad face} But I will of course post what I did find in hopes that some of you may be close to one of these locations and decide to participate. I will be placing these classes under my EVENTS section in time. Cooking classes are now all listed by date under my EVENTS page.

1. Facility/School: Publix
Location(s): Alpharetta, Georgia & various locations in Florida.
Class(es)/Course(s): All About Bacon; Almighty Bacon
When: varies on location and class
Cost: check by location but seems to be $45
Website: Apron’s Cooking School

2. Facility/School: Community Tap and Table
Location(s): Sacramento, California
Class(es)/Course(s): Bacon and Micro Brews
When: Jan 2012 (1/21 @ 11:30A, 1/22 @10A, 1/26 @ 6:30P); Feb 2012 (2/1 @ 6:30P); Apr 2012 (TBA)
Cost: $100
Website: Cooking Class & Event Calendar

3. Facility/School: Inn at Baldwin Creek & Mary’s Restaurant
Location(s): Bristol, Vermont
Class(es)/Course(s): Bringin’ Home the Bacon
When: January 22, 2012, 12:30 – 4P
Cost: contact Linda Harmon
Website: Cooking Class “Bringin’ Home the Bacon”

4. Facility/School: Sur La Table
Location(s): various locations across US
Class(es)/Course(s): Ultimate Bacon Menu
When: varies on location
Cost: looks to be $69, but may vary on location
Website: Ultimate Bacon Menu – scroll down for all location listings

5. Facility/School: Surfas Culver City
Location(s): Culver City, California
Class(es)/Course(s): Bacon & Football; Bacon 4 Soul Foodies; Bacon & Sides; Praise the Lard
When: Bacon & Football (Jan 28, 2012 @ 3-6P); Bacon 4 Soul Foodies (Feb 18, 2012 @ 3-6P); Bacon & Sides (Mar 10, 2012 @ 3-6P); Praise the Lard (Apr 7 @ 3-6P)
Cost: $85
Website: Cast Iron Gourmet

– Elle.

Ferrets & Bacon

Yesterday we had to say good bye to our ferret, Veronica. It was terribly heart-breaking. I would say I have an empty feeling inside, but it feels so heavy at the same time.

I don’t have any funny bacon-related pictures of her but I did want to post something in remembrance of her. So, I found a super cute video of a ferret eating turkey bacon!

And if you by chance do have a ferret, you may want to check out Marshall’s Bacon Flavored Treats for ferrets!

– Elle.