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Half my time is spent with my nose buried in a comic book. From time to time I see bacon mentioned in my read pile or in a comic strip. My loves together?!?!?! I shall share!

Harley Quinn Bacon!

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While reading Harley Quinn’s Future’s End One-Shot (By: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner), there was a wonderful bacon mention! I KNEW there were even more reasons for me to love Harley, Jimmy and Amanda.



– Elle.


Knuckleheads’ Bacon

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I was reading Knuckleheads, Volume One: Fist Contact, by Brian Winkeler and bacon was mentioned more than once, but one time in particular was pretty great. The story itself fantastic on it’s own, but the mention of bacon made it even better.


– Elle.

Bacon and Batgirl????

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(I actually read this issue awhile back but I am just now getting around to sharing….)

I was reading issue #27 of Batgirl, by Gail Simone and right there at the beginning of the issue…. bacon love exploding???? To see Barbara Gordon go nuts about bacon made me so nerdy in so many ways that I probably shouldn’t continue this rant any further on a public blog.


– Elle.