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Wine & Beer Pairing with BACON

I really wanted to do this ‘over-the-top’ write up about pairing bacon with wine and beer. I’ve had it on the back burner for quite some time. But of course, it’s already been done now. It’s not really an original idea anyway. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an idea I am close to ever being tired of. Of course bacon goes with booze. And now I am going to do what I do best – slap together what I have found from other people who have discovered this wonderous combination into one post.

I really should give credit to a bar in Baltimore, Maryland first. Bad Decisions has themed Beer and Bacon Happy Hour events. And we’re talking about bacon-infused drinks to bacon-inspired food. You need to ‘like’ their page on Facebook if you live in the area so you can keep up with their bacon love.

Rèst-âü-Ránt, in Long Island City, New York, hopped on board with this same idea. They have a Bacon and Beer Happy Hour every first Monday of each month. Includes food specials and bacon cocktails.

But what about pairing with beer and wine? I’m talking about actual pairing based on bacon type and type of beverage. Well, I found some resources who can help.

Paddy Long’s in Chicago, Illinois offers Beer and Bacon Tastings. For only $36 you have two hours of enjoying 5 crafted beers paired with 5 awesome cuts of bacon. Still unsure? You shouldn’t be, but check out Guys Drinking Beer‘s write up on their experience and you will have no doubts.

I, of course, thank Republic of Bacon for their write up on Bacon and Beer pairings. They have a great insight in choosing the right beer and the right bacon: High Class: Bacon and Beer Pairings.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the wine fanatics. I found a great article written by Kendra Anderson, with the Denver Westword. She reviews “Four of the Best Bacon-Friendly Wines You’ve Never Tried“.

My wish is to have a simple bacon and wine pairing soon. But if anyone out there decides to try something of their own, please feel free to stop by and let me know what you discovered!


Happy Birthday, Bacon in the Oven (and Ric)!

Yep Yep. One whole year since my first post on Bacon in the Oven. I’m very happy with how the blog has developed but still seek more ways to improve it. I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with new ideas to cook and play with bacon.

I’m also very happy to celebrate Ric‘s Birthday this month! He’s also helped me out with the bacon blog and supported me in this heart-clogging adventure. I won’t say how old, but if you know him then you know it’s a big one! He already knows this but I will post public as a crazed and in-love individual: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO EVERYDAY!

Now to celebrate the occasions, enjoy some bacon-related birthday greetings and birthday cakes/treats I have found on the world-wide web:

– Elle.

“Fresh Step Bacon-Scented Kitty Litter”

I came across this awesome video that Fresh Step Cat Litter made. It’s a spoof news story reviewing a new cat litter for bacon-lovers. No, it’s not really available for purchase. I’ll admit though, if it was, I would do a product review just for the weirdness. My cats would hate me though. And it probably wouldn’t be worth having our dirty laundry used by them while they boycotted the box.

Also check out the product page they put on their website: Fresh Step Organic Bacon Litter.


– Elle.