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“Why is There Bacon in the Soap?”

Invader Zim + Bacon Love = Happy Elle.


Thank You For Your Bacon Report, Stephen Colbert.

On March 12, 2012, Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report) reported on the cure for nosebleeds by using bacon. The man is hilarious!

I already posted something on this (Nasal Tampon of Bacon Stops Nosebleeds!) back in January, but I rather enjoyed the comical side a bit more!


Bacon Fail: VEGAN Bacon Olive Oil

Once again, someone had a great theory on a wonderful product that miserably fails. Queen Creek Olive Mill has their own take on Bacon Olive Oil. It’s ‘vegan‘-friendly because “…no swine [were] harmed in the making of our bacon flavored extra virgin olive oil.” I don’t see any place on the description that clearly states what makes it ‘bacon‘.

This same argument is made in a review about the olive oil, written by Jennifer Woods of Phoenix New Times (“Queen Creek Olive Mill’s New Bacon Olive Oil is Vegan. Wanna Know How it Tastes?“). She goes on to actually describe her experience cooking with the oil and says, “We’d rather cook our eggs in butter — or eat them poached. The result was just okay in the bacon olive oil, but nothing that we got excited about and it definitely didn’t taste like our Nano’s eggs fried in bacon grease — not even close.”

I actually was about to add this oil to my Wishlist but changed my mind quickly as I started to look into the product more and came across this review. I instantly related to this writer when she mentioned her Nano’s eggs. I remember my grandmother cooking food in saved bacon and/or hamburger grease. Her cooking is one of my favorite memories.

The review also sounded much like an echo of the Jack in the Box’s Bacon Shake review. Jack in the Box used “bacon flavored syrup” and it sounds like Queen Creek Olive Mill may have done the same.

We really need to stick with actual bacon for the fun experiences with bacon. If you want to use ‘smokey’ flavor, then go for it…. but don’t call it bacon.

If you do want to try making a quick and easy batch of Bacon Flavored Olive Oil, check out I found a simple step-by-step guide: How to Make Bacon Flavored Olive Oil.

I also found a great write up discussing general information about flavoring olive oil. And, yes, they mention using bacon! Flavored Olive Oil.