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Chocolate Chip Walnut Brownies with Candied Bacon and Coconut



* Betty Crocker Walnut Brownie

* Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

* 2 large eggs

* 1 stick of softened butter

* applesauce (or oil)

* 1 package of bacon + brown sugar = candied bacon, diced

* shredded coconut

* water



* Your first step is to make Candied Bacon by using your bacon and brown sugar. Check out My Recipes for instructions.



* Mix both your brownie and cocolate chip cookie mixes in separate bowls. Follow directions on back of boxes.

* Add half of you candied bacon into your cookie mix (or your brownie mix if you choose).

NOTE: I use applesauce as a substitute for oil.




NOTE: I chose a small muffin pan for bite size desserts. Grease pan if needed.

* Fill each cup half way with brownie mix.



* Add cookie mix to the top of each cup.



* Now top off each cup with candied bacon and shredded coconut.



* Cook for 15 minutes. Than cool and enjoy!



* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use any flavor of bacon, different brownie or cookie mixes, or add ingredients.

* You can bake as single serve desserts like I did or cook in one big sheet.

* Goes great with ice cream or by itself.

* A great addition might be to sprinkle a small amount of Baconery Bacon Salt on top for a bit of “salt” with “sweet”.

* I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this recipe.

– Elle.

Looking for Bacon Holiday Treats?? Try Baconery!

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First let me tell you about Baconery. It’s a bakery located in New York City that creates bacon treats that would make your toes curl. They take the basic bacon delights you’ve probably tried before and somehow make them so much more. Improvements to these dishes are done with talent. They perfect ingredients, presentation, and simplicity.

Baconery's To-Go Menu

Baconery’s To-Go Menu

They have much to choose from if you are lucky enough to live near by or happen to be visiting the city. On their menu, they include a mouth-watering list of baked goods, chocolates, candies, snacks, sandwiches (savory and sweet), beverages, and even bacon merchandise. But don’t be sad if you can’t find yourself near by, they ship! I live in Florida and received an assortment of goodies. They arrived within a couple days – wrapped, freshly made, and exploding with flavor.

I was nice enough to share my goodies with my husband, Ric and we want to share our experience:



Our treats were sent in one box, where they used brown crinkle cut packing filler – totally awesome bacon relation! Inside our box, we found our mini pie and other baked goods were sealed in air tight packaging. And our bacon soap was wrapped individually with white paper and brown/white stripped string. I was pretty amazed at the detail put into keeping the bacon theme, even with packing. I’m not sure if I am over-thinking it, but it definitely got bonus points from me. I always pay attention to detail and make note.


Product Size:

I was pretty happy about the size of the baked goods. They were normal size, but that was a point to make because I have received treats that were have the size and the same price. You will get more than you expect for the price you pay. For bacon fans, we used Mr. Bacon to show the size of the baked goods.

Maple Bacon Blondie:

At first smell, I thought of a thick, fresh baked cookie. The blondie was spongy and moist. On first bite, you could taste saltiness of the bacon and then the vanilla and brown sugar arrive creating a wonderful mixture of flavors. You could taste every ingredient in the mix and it all worked so well together. It was like eating a piece of heavy yellow cake with the sweetness of brown sugar and heavenly kick of bacon.

Ric said, “I don’t want to finish. The smell is so wonderful. I want to wear it like a necklace.”

Bacon Brownie:

It was delicious cake brownie with yummy gooey pockets of chocolate and bacon. You could tell with every bite that real cocoa was used. It was very sweet – but a glass of milk would help out with that.

Ric said, ” It was very smoky and would be better with more sweetness. I think it would go best with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.”

Red Velvet Bacon Brownie:

It was a delightful spongy, moist cake. I’ve always loved red velvet cake. The hint of cocoa, the cream cheese icing… But there was no icing here. But don’t worry, they fixed the problem perfectly. They added white chocolate chunks in the mix. As you eat the cake, you get small pieces of the white chocolate that are the perfect substitution for the icing. And with the saltiness of the bacon, it just made things so much more better.

Ric said, ” It was super sweet and super salty – the perfect amount of both. You have no idea of the amount of bacon until you break into it.”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookie:

I’m not a big fan of peanut butter cookies. I just want to be up front about that. For a moment before trying the cookie, I actually thought to myself that I would just have Ric do a review on his own. But I put my negativity aside and dove in. I was surprised! It didn’t really taste like that usual peanut butter cookie. I’m sure most peanut butter fans would still love it, but it offered something different. The saltiness of the bacon, the dark chocolate, and chucks of peanut butter worked so well together… but Ric said it best…..

Ric said, “It’s like a Butterfinger with Bacon! But the dark chocolate seemed to mask the bacon.”

Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookie:

Don’t roll your eyes. I know, everyone has done a bacon chocolate chip cookie. But this well? It’s important that the simpler ones get done just right too. They loaded this buttery cookie up with bacon and lots of gooey chocolate chips. The cookie was one to enjoy with some vanilla ice cream.

Ric said, “It was super sweet, has a wonderful flavor and you can taste a sweet bacon flavor in it.”

White Chocolate Macadamia Bacon Cookie:

And now on to my favorite cookie. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia has been my favorite for years. So, when I discovered Baconery made one with bacon, I went a little crazy. I was so excited to get this one in the mail. It was moist and a little crumbly. The bacon was a wonderful addition to this sweet and nutty cookie favorite. This cookie is positively a dunker.

Ric said, “The cookie was airy, full of nuts and bacon. Just fabulous.”

Oatmeal Cranberry Bacon Cookie:

It was very sweet, a little tart with the cranberry and hint of saltiness with bacon. I did feel that the sweetness overpowered the bacon in this particular cookie. You could tell there was chucks of bacon but the flavor didn’t blend as well for me. I loved the cookie overall but hoped for more bacon flavor.

Ric said, “Very sweet. I loved the use of real fruit but it may have overpowered the bacon. It was more sweet than salty. I missed the bacon flavor.”

Bacon Pecan Pie:

OMG. My favorite pie! You first look at the mini pie and see whole pecans covering the top. And around the pecans and underneath are big chucks of chewy, smoky bacon. The filling was creamy, buttery and oh so sweet. The thin, light and flaky buttery crust under it all just absorbed all the flavors of the pie. Every bite made my mouth water. Make sure you have a glass of milk on hand.


Bacon Soap:

I was genuinely surprised. I usually hate bacon soap. Any time I ever had the chance to try someone’s bacon soap, it always smelled like a dirty gym sock that some kid left in their locker for a year. And when you go to use it, your hand would reek for hours until you scrubbed it out with something else.

But not with this bacon soap! I did get a bit of a funky smell, but it smelled more smoky than dirty. The soap lathered up rather nice and left a clean, soft feeling on my skin. And as for the after-smell, my hands just smelled clean with a very faint smoky scent.

As for bacon soaps, I would rarely use it as an every day soap. But with this concoction, I would put it on my list of gift ideas and also as a necessity for Bacon Day use!



I also did a review comparing their Bacon Salt with J & D’s Bacon Salt. Baconery destroyed their competition with their simple and flavorful ingredients. Check out the comparison: “Product Review: Let’s Compare Bacon Salt”.

If you’re looking for something to fill the gap on your Thanksgiving dessert table or a way to check off a bacon lover on your Holiday gift list, make sure to keep Baconery in mind. They can help you put an amazing twist on your holidays. There is a variety to chose from and they even have dog biscuits for your furry pal!

The best part of this bakery is how fresh everything tastes and how much bacon they pack into every recipe. They put thought into every recipe and make everything a unique and satisfying experience for your taste buds. Everything tastes exactly as you would hope and you’re left with a full belly that you’re proud of.

Check them out:

911 Columbus Avenue, New York, New York
(104 & 105th)

9:00am – 9:00pm

– Elle.

Product Review: Let’s Compare Bacon Salts

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Bacon fiends are always finding new ways to incorporate bacon into their meals. Heck, that’s why I started this blog! But sometimes we just don’t have the time. Or maybe we just want a hint of that flavor. Either it be for that convenience, laziness, or perfection…. bacon salt was created. Two big names in the bacon lover community has their take on the delicious seasoning and I have decided to compare them for you. Below I have simply broken down comparisons between each company’s version(s), but you’ll have to be the judge of what you think is the best! I’ll reveal my choice at the bottom of the post.

J&D Foods vs. Baconery


Elle’s Choice:


I love the fact that it’s simple. Salt. Bacon. Pepper. What I would be looking for in a Bacon Salt is exactly what they offer. I want real bacon and I want it to add flavor to my food in a subtle way. I’m definitely going to be adding some posts and pictures in the near future of some fun I will be having with my Baconery Bacon Salt.

– Elle.