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Bacon Mustaches. That is all.

FREE Waffle House Bacon ‘Stash!

As we were leaving Waffle House, the cook offered us free bacon-to-go! This called for a bacon ‘stash moment!


– Elle

Bacon Goatee????

long bar

My husband and I went back to Daytona Beach where we had our wedding to celebrate our One Year Wedding Anniversary. One of the places we stopped by was McK’s Tavern for a mid day beer and pub lunch. Alexa was the best bartender and the food was amazing! Of course one of us was going to have bacon on our plate. I changed things up this time with a “bacon goatee”! TAVERN BACON GOATEE.


St. Patty’s Bacon Stash

long bar

The other day my husband and I stopped by Appleton’s Café in Lake Mary, Florida. This cute breakfast/brunch joint is always decorated for whatever holiday is coming up. Their food is always filling and delicious and their waitresses always smiling and fun to talk to! When we arrived last Thursday morning, it was all decked out for St Patty’s Day! I, of course, always order a side of bacon (4 strips) when I go. Their bacon is always crispy perfection and never soggy. This time around though, I was surprised with what I believe was finely chopped parsley on my bacon and toast! What a cute idea for a touch of green! So, here’s the bacon ‘stash…..


– Elle.