Review: Old Forester & “Breakfast in a Cup”

There were many disappointments at the Festival of Bacon, but the “Bootleggers Row” was definitely one of the best parts. It consisted of Jagermeister, Jim Beam, and Old Forester. But, Old Forester brought the best drink to the festival.


So, what would you want in a bacon drink? Something smooth? Not too heavy, right? Maybe something different. Don’t just throw bacon in. I’m an experienced bacon fanatic. You have to take an extra step to get my attention. And oh, my. Old Forester’s booth did just that.

My experience began when I walked up. I was already happy because everyone behind the booth was happy and excited to be there – which was not easy to find at the festival. There was a very nice man by the name of Michael J, Ring behind the booth dishing out a drink that caught my attention. It was called “Breakfast in a Cup”. And it was just that. At first look, it seemed as though it would be almost fruity because of it’s color and was dished out from a beverage dispenser with slices of oranges. But I was wrong. When a took a my first sip, my mouth actually felt as though it was full of eggs, bacon and pancakes – but the taste was so much better. You could actually taste the fruit, the bacon, and the hint of sweetness. I honestly felt as though I could sit there and have that for a for meal.


I’m also very excited with their infusion of bacon in the Old Forester Bourbon. They really did it just right. Usually most don’t drain the fat correctly or they simply choose the wrong drink to mix with. The bourbon cuts perfectly with the bacon fat and melts flawlessly. I was extremely impressed that I was able to taste the bacon flavor, without having to swallow chunks of bacon fat or feel as though I was chugging lard.

This drink truly is a “breakfast in a cup” and I highly recommend everyone try it. Michael is the Whiskey Brand Champion for the North American Whiskies from Brown-Forman and the genius behind the recipe. He was kind enough to send the recipe to me so I could share it with all of you.

To Infuse the Bourbon:
For one bottles worth of bacon bourbon, render three pieces of bacon slowly so as not to burn (the flavor is not too appealing).

Add the warm grease and bacon to the bourbon in a pitcher and whisk for 2 minutes. Let it set over night before placing the bourbon in the pitcher in the freezer. This should solidify the grease and clarify so it not cloudy. fish out the fat and strain through fine mesh or cheese cloth and return to bottle.

To Make the Drink:

2 oz Old Forester Bourbon infused with bacon

1 oz Tuaca Vanilla Orange Liquor

2 oz Fresh OJ

1 tbsp Black Cherry Syrup (Filthy Garnish available at Total Wine)

1 cherry for garnish

** Mix in a pint glass and top with Sprite for Bubbles.

And Enjoy breakfast in a cup!!”

If you do try it and would like to share your experience or maybe even have a recipe with their products that you would like to share with others, please visit their Facebook and Twitter.

I personally plan on trying more bacon-related drink recipes with Old Forester Bourbon. It just made everything so smooth and enjoyable.

Thank you, Michael for sharing your creation with us all!

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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