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“Baconalia” at Denny’s

I know it may be old news, but Denny’s is celebrating bacon with “Baconalia“. I can’t seem to find an end date, so any bacon lover out there may want to go at least try it out before it ends. I know. I know. It IS Denny’s and you may leave praying that you had some Imodium in your pocket, but it is bacon.

The last few time Ric and I had gone to Denny’s before the Baconalia, our food took forever, something was missing, and/or the food was just ‘eh’. But my mind was set on enjoying some bacon and I could not believe they could possibly mess up bacon.

We decided to test out this bacon experience for breakfast back on April 3. Of course we tried some breakfast favorites. I had the Bacon Flapjacks and Ric had the Ultimate Bacon Breakfast. The bacon was kin of rubbery but over all it was good. Just good. And it was ‘good’ because there were no high expectations.

They have 5 other choices on the menu: Pepper Bacon & Eggs, Triple Bacon Sampler, Maple Bacon Sundae, BBBLT Sandwich, and Bacon Meatloaf. First of all, I would be afraid to eat meatloaf from Denny’s. And the rest aren’t very creative at all. I know it sounds stupid coming from me because I haven’t tried many ‘creative’ recipes. But if I was a big restaurant chain, I would try to think of better ideas. Most of the dishes were just offering two to 4 slices of extra bacon than you would normally get with a breakfast plate. And the sundae just has bacon crumbled on top. Why not MIX in it the ice cream? They do milkshakes so they have the equipment.

Their website is actually more intriguing than their food. It talks about the history of Baconalia, offers bacon e-cards, songs about bacon, shows the moves for a bacon dance, and and a bacon cam. It’s a little weird but maybe entertaining to some bacon lovers.

Oh, well. The rant is dragging on. If you try it yourself, let me know what you think.