BACON FAIL: Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Real Bacon


Bacon Today posted a “how-to” on making “Holiday Chocolate Covered Bacon Strip Ornaments” for your Christmas Tree. They look delicious and the recipe is easy to follow. But, I’m just going to repeat myself from my post “What NOT to do with Bacon This Christmas” that I posted in 2011: “Please. Please don’t decorate your Christmas Tree with REAL bacon. …..if you have pets, little kids, or just concerned about inviting some bugs in your home, then maybe it’s not a good idea.” I want to further push the issue about your pets, if you have any. Chocolate and your furry pets don’t mix well. Yes, yes, it can vary depending on if it’s dark or milk chocolate and the amount and how big your pet it. But do you want to chance it? Do you really want to tease your pets? And bring about a horrific mess to clean up?

If you refuse to listen to the above: Just think about the simple fact that chocolate melts and you more than likely have warm Christmas lights on that tree and nicely wrapped presents sitting directly under it all.

I do encourage everyone to follow through with the recipe and enjoy some festive bacon treats this holiday season. But please don’t put it on your Christmas Tree. Simply enjoy them as treats and not ornaments. I respect Bacon Today for all they do, but I just don’t believe real bacon should be used in decorating or sculpting unless you plan on actually eating it. And if you put it on your Christmas Tree, I can’t imagine it being very sanitary or (pending the time frame) even edible. And the risk to your pets is not worth it.

If you are looking to stock up on some Bacon Ornaments, check out: “Ornaments for the Bacon Nerd in Your Life“.

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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