Review: The Hammered Lamb


The Hammered Lamb had a booth at the Beer and Bacon Festival in Altamonte Springs on November 2, 2013. The menu they offered was Grilled Cheese with Bacon and served with side of Bacon Jam, Bacon and lamb Mash over a Lamb Reduction, and Bacon Maple and Waffle Cone Rive Crispy Treat.

We decided to try the simple one first. The Grilled Cheese. It was only $3, so why not?

It was served on what seemed like sliced potato bread. There were definitely three types of cheeses: goat cheese, cheddar cheese, and either brie or gouda. The contents of the sandwich also included spinach and bacon. And bacon jam was served on the side.



You received 1/4 of the sandwich for $3. The sandwich was served cold, bread soggy, and the cheese was congealed. I’m not sure if we just got a bad cut because ours only had one piece of spinach and one piece of bacon.

My husband Ric said, ” The sandwich was bland. There was a mismatch of flavors. It was a waste of money.” And I agree. The choice in cheeses did not blend well and it ruined the sandwich, which was even worse being served cold and on soggy bread. And I was just confused by the single piece of spinach.

The jam that was served with the sandwich was the only redeeming quality in this dish. I would rather have received a larger quantity of the jam and they kept the sandwich. The jam had a very vinegar taste to it. It was sweet as if they used a jelly but also had a hickory smoke onion flavor. And the little kick it left in your throat was a nice surprise. It tasted great on it’s own and I could see eating it with many dishes, but not with their grilled cheese. Nothing could help that sandwich.

I felt The Hammered Lamb tried to do something different with a simple bacon snack but only ended up shaming it. I really can’t understand how a simple grilled cheese sandwich could be so badly insulted. I would recommend next time to try serving a larger quantity, serve it fresh, and better portion the ingredients…. or find recipes you can easily prepare for events that require quick prep.

And no. We did not bother going back to try the other dishes. I can’t imagine if a grilled cheese sandwich can’t be properly made and served, then how would their more complicated items on the menu taste? It wasn’t worth the waste in money to find out.

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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