Review: Miller’s Ale House – Altamonte


Miller’s Ale House of Altamonte Springs had a booth at the Beer and Bacon Festival on November 2, 2013. It was the first booth we stopped at and remained our favorite. The prices were reasonable and portions were generous.

They offered some great choices based on the event. We were at a festival where most people were indulging in unlimited beer samples. They truly thought of those needing to settle the munchies and need a quick snack. They offered Tuna Salad Bacon Sliders for $1, Watermelon and Bacon Salad for $1, and Cheesy Bacon Fries for $3. We had all three.



The tuna tasted fresh and not like canned tuna. The seasoning was perfect and they included bacon chopped up in the tuna salad. It was served on a fresh mini roll with a slice of boiled egg and piece of crispy bacon as your condiments.

As my husband, Ric said, “It’s good, but not mind blowing”. I do agree but found it to be a wonderfully refreshing simple recipe at the festival. It was definitely worth more than $1 and I appreciate the great deal.



This was a surprising treat to find. I wasn’t sure about the idea of even trying it when I saw the onion in it. But, like my husband said, it was only $1, so why not try it? So we did.

The salad included: watermelon, bacon, diced red onion, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette.

“It’s a crazy combination and works on every level. You have to be an onion fan. The salt and sweet work well together.”, said Ric. The onion flavor did soak into the watermelon. It wasn’t too much, but it would turn someone away that simply doesn’t like an obvious onion flavor. Personally, I would have chosen to put less onions in, but their recipe didn’t stop me from eating. The crunchy bacon bits offered in the dish were fresh and abundant. And the balsamic vinaigrette really held the whole thing together. The dressing was drizzled on just enough to hold all the flavors in. The only thing I didn’t like was they listed that basil was used. I saw the basil but did not taste it one bit. Other than that, this recipe was a delightful surprise and I hope to try my own twist on this in the near future!



This was a very simple dish that has been done by everyone, but always delicious. It was easy: Start with fries and add melted cheese, ranch dressing, scallions, and top with fresh bacon bits.

Don’t seem impressed? Well, they actually cooked up the fries at the booth, assembled fresh, and used fresh ingredients (including the bacon bits). You may not think this sounds very impressive, unless you have been to a lot of festivals. Most of the time food is prepped too far in advance to serving. And this leads to unhappy people who pay for that food, like me. But Ale House had it right. They knew it had to be done right… even for this simple dish.



Ale House did very well at the festival. Their booth had a very short line at the beginning of the festival. I think the simple menu and lower prices probably had people second guessing about how good it would be. But as the festival went on, the word spread and the line grew long. The great price, fresh food, and large quantities offered were something no one could pass up. Ale House made smart choices in their selections and did well.

– Elle.


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