Review: Anthony’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Anthony’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant on Summerlin Ave in Orlando has received great reviews from Orlando residents over and over. I personally don’t live in the area and have not experienced their regular menu. My review is based solely on my experience with them at the Festival of Bacon on October 5th.

Anthony’s had a pretty basic set up. Food presented, banner behind them, and signs up front displaying your choices. Unfortunately, someone didn’t finish writing “bacon” after “apple” on one of the signs. But, hey… I must be the only one that pays attention to detail.

Sign on the left of the booth.

Sign on the left of the booth.

Sign on the right of the booth.

Sign on the right of the booth.

I was disappointed there were absolutely no samples. The festival advertised that there would be samples provided by many vendors, yet Anthony’s decided to only charge as did most of the other vendors.

The menu consisted of either Maple Bacon Cannoli or Penne with an Apple Bacon Cream Sauce.


The penne had very little bacon (especially for a bacon event). You could argue the bacon flavor was going to be in the sauce, but the pasta looked like it was drying out and I didn’t see much sauce to begin with. Keep in mind it was only between 11:30-noon as we stood there and the event started at 11 AM. It looked as if it was sitting there much longer. I didn’t want to spend $4 for a tiny dish of it to find out.

So, we decided to try the Maple Bacon Cannoli for $2. Our friend, Jon casually asked the girl serving how she thought the cannoli tasted. She said “I don’t know, I never had one.” And then the guy behind the booth with her chimes in with his opinion and says “It’s okay”, in the most unenthusiastic tone and then shrugs. Oh, my I couldn’t wait. I just knew I had wasted my money. And then it was proven:

Ric’s opinion: “They were absolutely store bought. And I don’t know what was in the middle, not bacon.”

Jon’s opinion: “Turns to paste and soaks up the moisture.”

Elle’s opinion: “It left your mouth dry, hoping for some relief from a flavorful drink anywhere. The pastry was dry and not fresh at all. The filling was bland and had pieces of what I suppose was to be bacon. But biting into one of these pieces of “bacon” released no flavor at all. If it was bacon, then they boiled the hell out of it before adding it in.”

No effort, enthusiasm, or pride was put into these dishes. It saddens me they even participated in representing the Festival of Bacon. I hope they don’t return for the next one.

– Elle.

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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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