Festival of Bacon ‘Stashes

At the Festival of Bacon in Orlando on October 5th, we came across the Orlando Chili Cook-Off booth. I didn’t catch the guy’s name at the booth, but he was so nice! He gave me a paper bacon mustache on a stick. Perfect for photo-ops! It was definitely the best swag I got there!

So of course, I got my first photo-op with the paper bacon ‘stash:


Then, we got a real bacon ‘stash of our friend Jon:


And, then of course we got home and got a little silly:

Emmi's Bacon 'Stash.

Emmi’s Bacon ‘Stash.

Peggy Sue's Bacon 'Stash.

Peggy Sue’s Bacon ‘Stash.

Buster's bacon 'Stash.

Buster’s bacon ‘Stash.

Ric's Bacon 'Stash.

Ric’s Bacon ‘Stash.

"Not my bacon 'stash!"

“Not my bacon ‘stash!”

– Elle.

About elle

Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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