Bacon Guava Paste



* Conchita Guava Paste

* 1 cup orange juice

* 1/2 cup bacon drippings
– I save my drippings after cooking bacon for my muffins**

** Side Note: I simply cooked one package of Hormel Black Label Center Cut Bacon and added it to easy-to-make Martha White Muffin Mixes.


Start a pot on medium heat.

While that’s heating up, a tip would be to cut up your guava paste a little. This will speed up the cooking time.

Toss in your guava paste and add 1/4 cup of your orange juice. This will prevent burning, but allow your paste to begin melting.

Stir often.

Add small amounts of remaining orange juice as your paste begins to soften up and melt down.



When your guava paste is completely cooked down and your orange juice has been completely added, then add your bacon drippings.

Stir thoroughly.

Remove from heat and set aside to cool.



Place in storage container when completely cooled and refrigerate.

I found it was best chilled to settle then later thawed to room temp.

Enjoy on your bacon muffins or toast! We’ve had the delight adding it on top off our muffins and even simply dipping our bacon strips in our paste!




* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use any flavor of bacon, different fruit paste, or even different juice.

* You could easily make this in a larger amount to use as an ingredient towards other recipes. This recipe stores easily and can be frozen if needed.

* I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this recipe.

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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