International Bacon Day is Coming!

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Alright! Eleven days until Bacon Day! Once again, Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. I started celebrating Bacon Day in 2009. Each year my husband and I built on our celebrations and tried different ways of celebrating.

In 2009, we dipped our feet in, just cooking a lot of bacon. We did some basic treats: Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Covered Bacon.

In 2010, I decided each meal needed to be covered. I made sure to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and dessert all bacon-related creations.

In 2011, we made it into more of an EVENT. We had friends and family over. We made new recipes. We got out the grill. We went all out with bacon creations and I was able to really get started on “My Recipes” section.

In 2012, we went to my families reunion out of town. So our bacon adventure was shared with family. I used this time to take a cake recipe of my Grandmothers and incorporate bacon into it. My family loved it!

But details can be seen through my “International Bacon Day” section if you’re interested in details.

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I do have rules when it comes to Bacon Day now.

1. At least one brand new recipe must be done. That day will be the day to try it.
2. All bacon cooked must be eaten. Even if cooked for a sculpture.
3. The following categories must be covered: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack/Appetizer, Dessert, and Drink.
4. The colors must be represented. Wear your choice of combination of colors: red, white, brown/tan, pink. You can only opt out on the colors if appropriate attire includes bacon or a pig.

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Are you not sure about hosting your own Bacon Day?

Well, if you are in these area, you can always check out the following festivals that are taking place on International Bacon Day this year:

** Winter Park, Florida – Peterbrooke Chocolatier Winter Park’s 2nd Annual Bacon Bash

** New York, New York – Baconery’s Bacon Feast

** Rutherford, California – St. Supery Vineyard Estate and Winery’s “Cabernet is for Bacon Lovers” Event

** San Jose, California – San Jose Bacon Festival

** Dallas, Texas – Dough Pizzeria’s National Bacon Day Tour

** Asheville, North Carolina – BaconFest Asheville at Highland Brewing Company

** Roanoke, Virginia – BaconFest VA

** San Diego, California – Hormel Black Label Bacon Fest (San Diego Bacon Fest)

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How every you decide to enjoy Bacon Day, please share it with me! I would love to display your celebrations on my blog! If you have a recipe to share, send that to!

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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