Unicorns and Bacon… Who Knew?

long bar

Unicorns and bacon. Why put them together? Well, they are both magical and can make you smile at first sight.

I searched the internet to find where others have combined the two:

long bar

The Kitchen Project made a unicorn out of raw bacon. I actually think it looks pretty awesome!


long bar

YouTube had some fun videos:

long bar

Cupquake made some fun “Unicorn Bacon Cookies”. No, the recipe doesn’t actually call for bacon, but you could easily add it if you wanted. The idea is that unicorns are made of rainbows so the cookies are rainbow colors and formed to look like bacon strips. So, you get unicorn bacon strips. I loved the concept so much, I overlooked the fact there was no actual bacon involved and included it into this post anyway.


long bar

And…. of course here’s some random clipart I came across:






– Elle.

About elle

Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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