International Bacon Day 2012

International Bacon Day landed on September 1st this year. My fiance (Ric) and I already had plans to attend a family reunion on this weekend but made sure to still enjoy bacon all day. Creepy Cat was able to attend the festivities and we thank him for joining us. Here is how our celebration went:

Breakfast #1:

Ric had to work, but I made sure to get up and make breakfast.

Recipe: Bacon Cups with Scrambled Eggs

Lunch #1:

Since Ric came home for lunch and did not have a lot of time, I made a quick but yummy bacon-related sandwich for him.

Recipe: Grilled Bacon and Cheese Sandwich


We were on the road to Aiken, South Carolina by dinner time. We pulled into McDonalds and I got myself a Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich. It was so yummy!

Breakfast #2:

The next day (Sept 2nd), we were in Aiken and decided to continue the bacon love with the family. We started with breakfast. I simply fried the bacon stovetop, set the bacon aside to cool, and cooked our scrambled eggs in the bacon oil that remained in the pan (well, most of it… I set some aside). I grabbed some regular sandwich bread and loaded it with bacon strips, scrambled eggs, and sliced cheese. I then added some of the bacon grease set aside into the pan and fried up each breakfast sandwich in the bacon grease. They turned out great and super tasty!

Lunch #2:

My brother Jimmy was our Grill Master for the reunion. He made tons of food and helped cook up one of our favorite grilled bacon favorites….

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus


I tried to mimic my grandmother’s cake as close as I could because of the family reunion. Her cake is very simular but I could never make it as good as hers. So, I made my own twist – I added bacon. My entire family, Ric and I all enjoyed the cake for dessert after eating our big family meal. Every piece was gone, so I’m guessing they liked it. 🙂

Recipe: Pecan and Bacon Bundt Cake


My family brought bottles of Maple Bacon Ale to the reunion. We ended up with three bottles! This is how I know my family loves me. 🙂

Overall, Bacon Day was a great turn out as usual. Over the years it has been fun to see all the different ways you can enjoy bacon through out a 24 hr period. So far I have tried the minimal and the extreme, the day long gathering and on the road, the friends and the family. Every time has been full of greasy times and with awesome people. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in my addiction!

– Elle.

About elle

Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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