Product Review: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae

Awhile back, I tweeted when I first heard about Burger King coming out with a Bacon Sundae. They were advertising that it would have real bacon. This was perfect timing because during that time everyone was still having a fit over Jack in the Box and their Bacon Shake with the fake bacon syrup.

I honestly forgot about the sundae for some time and was reminded when people started talking about it again at work and on Facebook. So, of course Ric and I set out to aquire some Bacon Sundaes.

I was glad to see they used real bacon. And it was chunks of bacon. Like they actually took the bacon they use for the burgers and broke it up for the sundae. No bacon bits applied. That was a plus already. They also made sure to give you both chocolate fudge AND caramel topping with your vanilla sundae. It really was the best combination they could do.

But there was something a little disappointing in the bacon choice. They used hardwood smoked bacon… that was good. It wasn’t the chunks… those were just right in size. It was the fact that it was obviously fatty bacon slices. You know when you cook that poorly cut bacon with mostly fat? It’s chewy. And when it gets cold or room temp it gets to that gross congealed state. Not very yummy unless you use it for the right recipes. It just didn’t sit right with the ice cream.

Another thing I did find wrong with it was the fact that when I got to the bottom, there was about 5 tablespoons of extra fudge hidden for me. It was probably just the person who put it together. I doubt Burger King was actually planning on giving everyone a chocoalte surprise with their sundae. Some may think this would be an upside, but not for me. After eating a whole sundae that already had chocolate fudge on it, I just couldn’t eat 5 spoonfuls of chocolate straight.

Ric’s reaction: “It was ice cream with bacon. Salty and sweet. Thant’s all.” He didn’t seem too overly impressed but liked it enough to enjoy it for what it was.

Overall, I thought the sundae really was a fun experience but don’t plan on getting another one from them. You can’t control how each Burger King employee is going to fix your sundae. The extra chocolate was not a big issue. And the bacon selection may be better during different times of the day (we did go about 9 PM). I did get a few bites of crispy bacon – those were the amazing ones!

I do encourage people to go and try it for themselves. I would love to hear about your experience!

– Elle.

About elle

Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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