Time for Summer! Bacon Flops!

Summer is here. Well, if you want to get technical, the calendar says June 20th is the first day of summer. I live in Florida, so…. it’s already here. When I can’t go outside without fantasizing about water and when I am in my steamy car praying for the AC to fill the space with it’s coolness – then it’s summer. That mean’s it’s time to dress like you have no money for clothes and cool off. It’s flip flop season! And just to make things cooler – June 15th is National Flip Flop Day!

So, what does a bacon addict do to celebrate National Flip Flop Day? Uh, Bacon Flip Flops of course.

I searched the internet to find selections on Bacon Flip Flops. I first came across a picture of someone who actually made bacon flip flops – with real bacon. I quickly deemed this to be a “BACON FAIL“. And yes, I still do if anyone attempts this in a realistic way. But, I looked into it further and found that it was a clip from a video someone made about creating a shoe. If you are interested, check out “AMAZING BACON FLOPS! (Rhett & Link Shoe?).”

Now, be it that a shoe of any form actually made from bacon would be a terrible idea, there are flip flops out there designed for bacon fans. Of course, I found most to be on CafePress. Below are my favorites. You can visit Cafe Press and simply put in ‘Bacon Flip Flops’ or ‘Pig Flip Flops’ to see all of their selections. And if you have something even better in mind, you can ‘create your own’.

Simple and yummy.

A swarm of bacon.

Bacon wave-tastic.

*** AND P.S. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is giving away a free 24 oz Jetty Punch Smoothie between 2 and 7 pm on June 15th in celebration of their 6th Annual National Flip Flop Day.



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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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