The Good and Bad of Bacon Tattoos

Everyone has their opinion about tattoos. Some simply believe it’s just not for them. Some think it’s the worst thing you could do to your body. Others (my people) find it fastinating.

The fasination is totally up to you. Each person has their belief in what a tattoo means. Self expression. Simple art. Or just something you think looks ‘pretty’. I was watching a documentary about body art and one person said something that I totally agree with: “.. you don’t have to get a tattoo that has a DEEP meaning and a story behind it, but get something that is YOU and not something you randomly pick out of the book in the tattoo parlor.”

I have always had this rule about tattoos. First: don’t get the tattoo if you’re low on cash. There’s no point in going broke over it. It’s suppose to be a gift to yourself. Save up. Get it done right. Second: go to someone you trust. Don’t have anyone yet? Ask a friend. I personally LOVE Atomic Tattoos and refuse to every go anywhere else. Third: Don’t just DO IT. Research it. If it’s a symbol, make sure you know what it means. If it’s written in a language you don’t speak fluently, make sure you know the translation. Fourth: Sit on it. Give yourself at least a week-month depending on how elaborate it is. The bigger it is, the more you want to make sure it’s what you want.

So where is this all going and how is this bacon-related? Well, there are a bunch of bacon-related tattoos out there. And I have actually found one that I have fallen in love with. I want to make some changes to make it all mine, but it’s almost perfect as is. I don’t know when I will get it. Funds will have to be just right and I am still in ‘sitting on it’ mode. Plus, there’s one tattoo I REALLY want before I get this one and it’s going to be a big one. Don’t worry, I will post as soon as I do get the bacon tattoo.

In the mean time, let’s have some fun with the GOOD vs BAD:


Poorly done.

This bacon salt has no real bacon in it. I’m being silly by putting it under BAD, but it’s true.

So damn classy. ugh.

Personal opinion: Feet tats need to be chosen wisely. And you really should keep your feet clean.

Crack alert! Tacky and awkward.

I thought it was clever putting the strip near the ribs, but it’s poorly done.

Maybe they were going with funny, but it came out ‘vomitose’.

Looks terrible. Side note: It being uneven would drive me nuts.

Looks like someone with a sinus infection sneezed on your bacon.

* Sorry, had to make you get through those so you would appreciate the good ones even more…..


THIS is the beauty I want to fix up to be my very own!!

Footloose (with Kevin Bacon) meets Mr Bacon. LOVE it!

I love bacon mustaches!!!! Don’t believe me? There’s even a category dedicated to bacon mushtaches on my blog!

It’s basic but I like the realistic look to it.

Bacon & Eggs! This really is the correct way to ever fry an egg.

Another simple but realistic looking bacon tattoo.

I like it! Nicely done!

*** Do you have an awesome bacon tattoo? Maybe you found a horrific tattoo on the internet and would like to share it? Send me the picture or the link to

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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