Yummy Bacon-Lovin’ Food Trucks

I’ll be honest. I’m doing this write-up on bacon food trucks with a little disappointment and anger. Not because of the menues and especially nothing with the indiviuals themselves. But simply because I don’t have awesome food trucks like one of these near me! Simple jealousy. I was reading the menues of each of these food trucks, and they sound so delicious! I have not tried their food, but I do want to promote them by briefly telling what I have reviewed about each:

* Bacon Mania Truck: Orange County, California
They have sandwiches, soup, chili and sides. If you can’t choose between their chili and mac n cheese, there’s a way to combine them! They have BLTs to Bacon Ball Trio. And the thought of a BLT soup makes me giddy!
Check out the menu: MENU.

* Bacon Bacon: San Francisco, California
This truck has the simple pleasure of chocolate covered bacon to a Bacon Bouquet to The Grilled Cheese. They also have an option to add bacon jam to any sandwich!
Check out the menu: MENU.

* Lardon: Southern California
This truck has some fun bacon-infused ingredients they use in the food – such as bacon maple syrup and bacon hot sauce. You can find bacon pancakes to “The Lardon”. What’s “The Lardon”? Oh, it sounds fantastic.
Check out the menu: MENU.

* The Bacon Wagon: Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas
The menu looks small on the website. But on Facebook, they list they also have soups, chili and other treats. What I read sounds pretty darn good! I think I could melt away after eating a Westside.

Check out the menu: MENU.

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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