Product Review: Tyson Fully Cooked Bacon

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Last week, Ric and I found Tyson Fully Cooked Bacon on sale at the grocery store. So why not try it out?

My thoughts on the product before trying were doubtful. We have precooked bacon. That mean cooked and packaged for an allotted time. That means an almost soggy helping of bacon, right?

After trying it, we came to some yummy conclusions. It wasn’t crispy – obviously. But it was bacon. It was tasty and not too salty. I was afraid they may have added sodium and other ingredients to keep it fresh. I like the saltiness in bacon but most of us don’t add salt when we cook it. The consistency of the bacon was almost that soggy form – you know, like the precooked bacon they use at Subway.

In the end, Ric and I give the precooked bacon thumbs up! It’s yummy bacon that you can keep in the ‘fridge or on the shelf for a quick bacon fix. It isn’t crispy but you do have instructions on the bag to cook it up crispy. We didn’t try cooking it because we were more interested in the quick-use of the bacon and possibly a way of having ‘on-the-go’ bacon. But using the bacon straight from the bag goes well on sandwiches and in salads. In fact, Ric and I tried both. We made small spring salads with spinach, tomatoes, precooked bacon, and raspberry vinaigrette. Ric later made a quick BLB (bacon, lettuce, bacon).

If you try it yourself, let me know what you thought and also how you used it!

– Elle.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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