Bacon Fail: Jack in the Box’s Bacon Shake

Oh, Jack in the Box. You messed up on this one. You had a great idea but didn’t follow through correctly. I unfortunately no longer have a Jack in the Box near me, now that I am back in Florida. Obviously I have not tried it for myself, so I am relying on the reviews of others. I could only find one actual review fro someone that has tried it. All other write ups sound like advertisements or people just bashing the ‘bacon craze’.

The shake is described as “Made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon flavored syrup, whipped topping and a maraschino cherry.” I already can see the problem. “Bacon flavored syrup”. It’s vegetarian friendly. Meaning no real bacon flavor. This is why I know for myself it wouldn’t taste good. I’ve had ‘bacon-flavored’ foods with that ‘bacon-flavoring’ that contains no actual bacon. It’s down right terrible and makes me a little nauseated.

But my rants can not be held high because like I said, I have not tried it. Ive provided the link of the review I found. The explanation of the writer’s results seem pretty solid and reasonable:

“Review: The Bacon Shake By Jack In The Box” (Brock Keeling / SFist)



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