Product Review: Baconnaise

Yes, I did post a picture of our purchase of the J&D Baconnaise a couple weeks back. Ric and I finally got around to doing a little taste-testing – nothing fancy. Just a quick, 5-minute tasting. Here are the findings:

Immediate reaction to smell alone:
Elle: “Bacon bowling shoes.”
Ric: “A lot like sushi spiced mayo.”

W/Wheatable Honey Toasted Wheat Crackers:
Elle: “Tasty.”
Ric: “Like mayo with a hint of bacon – on a cracker.”

W/baby carrot:
Elle: “Approved.”
Ric: “Approved.”

Elle>: “Surprisingly VERY delicious.” – preferred veggie w/Baconnaise.
Ric: “Adequate.”

W/Butterball Smoked Turkey sandwich meat:
Elle: “Terrible. Had to spit it out.”

W/Butterball Turkey Salami sandwich meat:
Ric: “Baller.”

Of course we got the biggest review from Emmi. She likes the stuff. But to cover reality, cat’s shouldn’t eat the stuff. Not terribly good for them. We just let her have a tiny taste.

Overall, I had mixed feelings. I personally think Baconnaise had an unpleasant smell and tasted terrible on it’s own. But, I did enjoy a small amount of it on celery and think it would be perfect for recipe ideas if measured out correctly. I would like to experiment more with it. But until then, check out J&D’s website for recipes using Baconnaise: “There’s Always Room For Bacon“.


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