Maple Bacon Ale From Rogue Ales & Voodoo Doughnut

It’s here. Sweet, smokey – Bacon Beer. That’s right. Rogue Ales and Voodoo Doughnut came together to create this insane creation. I wish I could be there at the front door when they start selling it tomorrow (September 24), but it’s all the way in Portland, Oregon.

I have to say. I love reading the description of the ale. I even admire the detail in the selling of the product. Pink bottle for the pig inside, noting that the food pairing is with doughnuts and pork, and making sure to keep the mention of Voodoo Doughnut on the label (because we all know of the Bacon Maple Bar)

Though, some have already made comments on the bacon beverage – see here: “A Foul Abomination”

If you are one of the lucky ones to be near the area tomorrow, be aware there is a limit on how much you can buy. See details here: BUY IT. Either they are limited on the amount because they are unsure how well it will sell or they really think this product is going to fly out the door. Either way, I do think people will want to show up and at least try it out. I wish I was one of them. I’m really starting to believe that Portland may not just be a ‘foodies’ dream but even a bacon-addict’s dream.



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  1. This really answered my downside, thanks!

  2. Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

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