International Bacon Day 2011

(bacon supply)

This year, International Bacon Day landed on September 3. I prepped by taking the day off of work, loading up and bacon, creating a menu of old and new recipes to try, and inviting some people over.

Not many people showed up for the bacon celebration, but those who did were great company. I had my boyfriend Ric who assisted in the bacon creations, my brother Jimmy who was our Grill Master, our friend Charlie who became our official Bacon Photographer (check him out on Flickr), Aaron with his wife Jill were able to stop by for an awesome visit, and of course Creepy Cat (check him out on Facebook) was there.

Our menu was fun and mouthwatering. I was very excited that everything seemed to turn out quite well. Some recipes I felt as though could use some adjustments, but I will include all my notes on each individual recipe. You can find each recipe under “My Recipes“.

I had a lot of fun with these recipes and enjoyed having some incredible people with me to make them. I thank everyone who helped me and hope next year will be at least half as fun!



About elle

Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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  1. sorry I wanted to be there.I should never plan things on Labor or Memorial Days… I have learned they never work out for me.

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