Bacon Burgers

*** NOTE: This recipe is best if done over a charcoal grill.


* 1-2 packages of ground beef
* 1 package of bacon (i used maple bacon)
* sliced cheese of your choice (we had provolone and muenster)
* seasoning of your choice
* bread/buns of your choice
* condiments of your choice

Cook your bacon. Cook bacon on the stove or in the oven (my preference) until crispy. Drain on paper towels plate to cool. And now crumble your bacon. If parts of your bacon are chewy, then just break up into small pieces.

Mix ingredients together. In a medium to large mixing bowl, mix together your ground beef, bacon pieces and seasoning of choice. For my seasonings, I chose to use celery salt, rosemary, garlic, and pepper.

Form your patties and grill! Make sure to form your patties so they are even in thickness all around. This will make sure your burger is cooked evenly, even if you prefer medium rare.

Place on a bun and enjoy! 😛


* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use any flavor of bacon, any type of ground meat, and add any seasonings you wish.

* This was my first attempt at this recipe and I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it.


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Crazy cat lady, comic book nerd, and lover of bacon all in one.

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  1. The only thing that could make this better would be a nice ripe tomato slice!

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