Twice Baked Bacon Cake Bites

The idea behind the recipe stems from the Starbucks Cake Pops. This treat is soft when done and caters to that craving you may get for cookie dough. It’s not a completely original idea but I did add my own twists.

* Betty Crocker Cake Mix (I used vanilla)
* 1 1/4 c water*
* 1/3 c applesauce (or bacon grease)*
* 3 large eggs*
* 1 pkg of icing (I used vanilla)
* 1 pkg of bacon (I used maple bacon)

* Measurements are based on the brand and type of cake mix I chose to use. You will want to check your directions on any other variety purchased.

** Note:
As you’re getting your ingredients together, preheat your oven. Check your cake mix box for temperature recommended. I set mine to 350 degrees because I had a glass pan.

Cook up one package of bacon. I went with maple bacon because of the sweet flavor. I chose to cook it until crispy because it crumbles easy and when recooked in a cake mix it always softens back up. Make sure to allow the grease to drain from the bacon after it’s cooked and cooling. Set aside until later.

Save some of your bacon grease to grease your pan or even use for your cake mix.

STEP 2 (A):
Time to put together your cake mix. You will need cake mic, eggs, water, and applesauce. I always use applesauce in place of oil. If you want to be adventurous, use some of the bacon grease you may have set aside. As stated above, check the cake mix box you’ve purchased to see what your measurements will be. Mix all your ingredients needed for your cake mix and aside for just a couple minutes.

STEP 2 (B):
It’s a small step now. Go back to your bacon you had set aside to cool. It should be ready to crumble now. Make sure to break your bacon up to small pieces and place in a small bowl.

STEP 2 (C):
Grab your cake mix and fold in 1/3 of your crumbled bacon. If you want more bacon, you may want to use all of this bacon and make an additional package for a later step.

Time to cook cake! Use some of the bacon grease you set aside to grease your cake pan. You should have your oven already preheating. You want to check your cake mix box for your cook time based on what bakeware you have. Remember to pour your cake mix in evenly.

Grease the bottom and sides of the pan for easy removal the your cake after baking.
– Place on center rack.
– Also, don’t oven your oven door until it’s almost ready – use your oven light.
– To check to see if your cake is done, use a toothpick and always check the deepest or center part of the cake.

After your cake is done cooking, you want to make sure it completely cools. You may have to step away for a bit. During this time, if you choose to make more bacon then repeat same steps with cooking/cooling/crumbling.


After you have allowed your cake to cool, start removing the cake and placing it in a large mixing bowl. You will then be adding 1 container of icing to the broken up cake. Mix evenly but do not blend. You ant it to still keep some “cake” form to it. The mix will be soft now and almost like it’s raw dough now. You can adjust how much using you want to add depending on your taste. Set aside for a couple minutes.

Now to prep for your final part. Grab your bacon crumbles that were set aside (either your remaining bacon or the bacon you may have chosen to make while your cake cooled). Pour out your bacon crumbles evenly onto a plate.

Grease a medium sized baking sheet. You can use bacon grease if you’d like.

Keep plate of bacon crumbles and greased baking sheet near by.

Take your cake/icing mix and begin making small balls out of the mixture. The size really depends on your preference. The bigger you make them, the softer they will be after re-baking. The smaller you make them, the more likely they will brown and become more firm during re-baking. Anything roughly a ping pong ball size or smaller would be good.

Depending on how much bacon you want, you can roll or dip each cake ball in your bacon crumbles. Place each cake ball onto your greased baking sheet. Space in between is not an issue because they will not expand. Just make sure they are not squished together.

Put you cake bites into the oven (kept at the same temperature, as noted above). Make sure to place on the middle rack. Bake anywhere from 25-35 minutes, depending on the size of the cake bites and how firm you would like them.

After they are done baking, make sure to let them cool. ENJOY!!!


* Re-baking them makes the cake bites more enjoyable because the outside is now more firm.

* You have many opportunities to make adjustments to this recipe. You can chose to use more or less bacon and any flavor of bacon, cake, or icing.

* If you want to make your cake bites incredibly sweet, you could try creating a thick icing to coat each bite (such as Starbucks does with their poppers).

* This was my first attempt at this recipe and I am open to any suggestions or ideas on how to improve it.



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